Haunted Halloween Fest

October 24th - November 1st 6:30pm-11:00pm Gates Open at 5pm

Airlift Acres
11039 Worcester Hwy
Berlin,MD 21811


3 Terrifying Attractions for the Price of one admission, $15

Trail of Terror or the Path of Death

There are actual corpses buried within the path and grounds you will be exploring. Please try not to wake the dead as this will anger them. As you walk down the winding trails deep in the forest, it will be hard to tell if a bush is just blowing or something more sinister is in the making.

Blackwell House

At this location you will witness some of the worst nightmarish, bloody and gruesome sights imaginable. This is the actual remains and location of the Blackwell house where 5 alleged murders took place in the early 1900′s. You can experience the actual smell and sense of death around you as chills run up and down your spine. You will experience firsthand a reconstruction of the crime scene with reenactments of the horrific events according to legend. If you’re fortunate enough to survive the Blackwell House haunting and curse.

*True History and legend of the Cursed Blackwell House
You will witness and actually walk a trail that leads to the visible ruins and foundation of what was called the Blackwell house. This house was constructed in the early 1800’s and was lived in by the Blackwell family for several years until certain events took a turn for the worse. Documentation and records dating back to the 1890’s indicate that the owners along with their 4 young children were all found slaughtered by deer hunters who were passing by. The father, John Blackwell, was found hung in the living room while his wife, Elizabeth, was discovered in the same room stabbed to death with her arms and head cut off. Two of the four children, ranging in age from 5 to 16 years of age, were found mutilated and stuffed inside an upstairs bedroom closet as if they were attempting to hide from the intruders who killed them.

A third young female child was found lying in a partially dug up grave on a trail approximately 20 yards from the Blackwell’s home. According to reports it appeared through her ripped and torn clothing, including many self-defense wounds, the third child identified as Jessica, made an unsuccessful effort to escape the murderer. The youngest of the four children, Charles Blackwell, was never found either dead or alive at the horrific bloody crime scene and his whereabouts to this day remain unknown.

There is only one known undated and faded picture of the Blackwell family taken together in front of the house which was discovered in the Worcester County Archives of records in Snow Hill. Distant family residents of the Blackwell family still live and reside in this area today. There has been much rumor and speculation over the years about who or why would someone commit such a horrific and terrifying acts to an innocent family and four young children. As you walk this wooded area, an eerie feeling sometimes comes over you as if you are not alone or being watched by someone.

In August of 2010, the grass covered remains of this cursed house and foundation were accidently stumbled upon and discovered by four unknowing University of Maryland College students. At this time, the students were given advanced permission from the property owner to roam and camp the property as part of their summer weekend outing.

Equipped with a metal detector and small shovels there were findings inside the foundation as well as the faded outer perimeter. Glass wine jugs, remains of an oil lamp, a woman’s diamond and ruby ring, two knives and several rusted metal items, all of which likely belonged to the Blackwell family, were found buried just inches under the ground. The students, after later learning and now realizing the previous dark history of the location rightfully decided not to keep any part of their historical findings turning all the items over to the property’s owner. There is still evidence and findings of human remains today on this property. Cold case files remain open with law enforcement till this day and remains as confidential information not open for public information.

Field of Fears

Here you will need to be mindful of attacks from all sorts of creatures’ from the night There are also plenty of clowns and other Psycho’s who will be greeting and offering personal escort service. This is just a glimpse and brief overview of what AWAITS YOU. We cannot for obvious reasons be more specific and give all the scares and secrets away.

General Information

Our three haunted attractions, The Trail of Terror, Haunted Forest, and Field of Fear are very scary attractions that take place in a wooded and outside venue setting. Most haunted trails are close to a mile long and may include small buildings, tents or huts that include various scenes and themes you’ll be forced to enter or walk past. Some haunted paths are roped off to deny access to certain restricted areas and may or may not have lit paths. Unlike enclosed haunted houses, weather plays a major role to determine if the attraction will be open or closed. A typical haunted trail tour will last anywhere from 40-50 minutes. The tour time varies greatly depending on the number of people in a group, the customer’s pace and the overall size of the attraction. The Trail of Terror, Blackwell House and the Field of Fear are comprised of over 20 acres, with over 30 acres for parking. Refreshments and souvenirs will be available during the event.

So what makes a haunted trail and forest so special? Traditionally, a haunted forest tends to be a more extreme and horrifying experience than a haunted house. Being out in a true dark wooded environment as opposed to a closed in space allows scares to come from all angles making this type of haunted attraction more dynamic and scarier than a standard haunted house. We are not saying that a haunted house is not scary, but a haunted forest has more edge and is generally thought to be a scarier and a more fun haunted attraction. If you like to be scared, this Trail of Terror is the one for you!

Try one or all three attractions for the same admission price of $15. I dare you to visit and experience one of the best haunts on the entire Eastern Shore.


WARNING: All patrons enter at their own risk . Owners & sponsors are not responsible or liable for any harm incurred on the premises. This attraction contains high impact scares and strobe lights which may not be suitable for people with heart conditions, or prone to seizures. Attraction may include the use of fog juice as well as spraying water. Sorry, NO pregnant women, infants, or children being carried will be allowed entry. Not recommended for children under 10.


What Are The Hours Of Operation?
Friday, October 25th, 2013 through Saturday, November 2nd 2013 6:30pm-11:00pm. Ticket booth will open on premises at 5pm, check website frequently for weather updates and possible closings due to inclimate weather.


How Long Is The Wait In Line?
In general, we will try to keep the wait time to less than 30 minutes. However, on the last 2 weekends in October and on Halloween the line will be much longer. Buy your tickets online to avoid the box office line and try to come earlier in October if you would like to avoid the longer lines.


How Long Does It Take To Go Through All 3 Attractions?
First you must buy your tickets, then wait to enter the trail. Once you enter, the Trail and other attractions takes anywhere from 35-50 minutes.


If I Have Already Bought My Ticket And I’m In Line When The Trail Closes, Will I Get A Chance To Go Through?
Yes, we will stop selling tickets at closing time but the Trail will stay open until the last patron in the entrance line has gone through.


Can I Make A Reservation?
No, we do not take reservations.


What Are The Prices For All 3 Attractions?


Again this is recommended for children 10 and older.
There are no children’s prices or refunds if they decide not to go through.


Are There Group Discounts?
Yes, but group ticket sales must be ordered/picked-up in advance through our office. Discount Tickets for Groups of 10 or more:

  • Everyone in your group gets a FREE glow necklace!
  • Must be paid with Cash or Credit Card
  • Please call our office or send us an email at info@airliftentertainment.com to order tickets or for more information.

(Group ticket sales must be arranged in advance. Tickets must be purchased in one transaction and then distributed to the group.)


Are Credit Cards Accepted?
Yes, they are accepted for online purchases as well as at the admission gate.


Can I Buy Tickets In Advance?
You may purchase tickets online in advance or call our office at 443-513-4749 for credit card purchases.


I Bought My Ticket Online, Will I Still Need To Wait In A Line?
Buying your ticket in advance will save you from waiting in the Ticket Booth line (which is usually the longest wait). You still will need to wait in the entrance line. The cut off date for online purchase of tickets is October 24th, 2013. Upon receipt of payment your tickets will be held at the admission gate under the credit card holders’ name.


Once We’ve Used Our Ticket Can We Go Through Again With The Same Ticket?
No, a new ticket is required for each visit.


Are There Any Motels/Hotels Close To The Haunted Trail?
Yes, check our website for our sponsoring hotels and most are within 6 miles of The Haunted Trail.


Do Your Attractions Have Security?
Yes, we do have security. We seldom, if ever, have a problem that actually requires security but we have it just in case. We also have EMT on staff each night


Can We Be Thrown Out Of The Trail For Any Reason?
Yes. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We do not allow babies or children to be carried through. Smoking and alcohol is not allowed. We reserve the right to remove any patron from the event if we feel it is necessary. Violation of these rules will usually bring a warning and then being asked to leave without a refund.


Can We Be Injured At Your Event?
Running is the main cause of minor injuries. Make sure to follow the rules and DON’T run and you should be fine! Our patrons’ safety is our main priority. It is also important to note that everyone agrees to enter at their own risk as evidenced by their ticket purchase.


Do You Serve Alcoholic Beverages?
NO! And they are not allowed on the property, this policy will be strictly enforced by security and Law Enforcement.


Is Smoking Allowed?
No, smoking is not allowed anywhere on site.


Can We Take Flash Photos Of Your Haunted Houses?
NO photography of any sort is allowed in the haunts. All of our Haunted attractions are dark, and peoples’ eyes (especially in the actors) adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera you’re not only ruining other customers’ experience but you’re hurting the actors’ eyes. Also, the fog used inside the attractions ruins flash photography. Although no photography or videotaping is allowed inside, the monsters working outside will quite often pose for pictures.


What Can’t We Bring With Us Inside Your Haunted Attractions?
No pets! No weapons! No alcoholic beverages! No cameras! No smoking! No laser pointers or flashlights! No food or beverages! No babies!


Can We Win Free Tickets?
Yes, radio stations, television stations, or sponsors may have free ticket giveaways. Make sure you are aware of the valid dates for those passes.


Are The Characters Allowed To Touch You?
The actors will not touch or grab you. However, they do get very close. You may brush up against their costumes, props, or come into contact with some of the sets, but you will not be grabbed or pushed.


Are There Any Age Restrictions?
These attractions are not recommended for children under the age of 10. They will be allowed in if parents choose to bring them, however carrying babies or children through is NOT ALLOWED. There are no special prices for children and no refunds if anyone decides not to finish the haunt. There are many emergency exits throughout each attraction in case anyone gets too scared to continue.


Where Can I Find Coupons?
Keep your ears open as many radio stations do giveaways and promotions. Please Note, coupons are not valid towards online tickets.


When Are Coupons Valid?
There are several types of coupons, read them carefully to see what days they can be used. NOTE: As a general rule, most coupons are not accepted Fridays and Saturdays in late October, or Halloween. Coupons are not valid towards online ticket purchases.


Is The Trail Wheelchair Accessible?
Due to the terrain, it is very difficult for wheelchairs to maneuver through this outdoor event, however all persons in a wheelchair must be accompanied by someone who is capable of maneuvering the wheelchair through the terrain, please do so at your own risk. Airlift Entertainment is not responsible for any injuries that may occur during this event.


Can I Go If I’m Pregnant?
It is not recommended for visitors who are pregnant, have heart conditions, or are in general poor health. We reserve the right to determine if you are not allowed in due to safety reasons.


Is It A Ride?
No, this is a walk-through attraction.


Is It Dark?
Yes, it is very dark for most of it.


Is It A Maze? Can I Get Lost?
The Haunted Trail is not a maze. There is a designated path that will guide you through.


Are You Still Open If It Rains?
The Haunted Trail is outdoors, so it will stay open during light showers but may need to close for safety reasons.


How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At The Trail?
You must be at least 18 years old, call or e-mail to inquire about openings.


Are There Volunteer Opportunities Available?
Yes! You can volunteer for several positions at The Haunted Trail and have fun at the same time. Benefits are available as a volunteer. Please inquire by e-mail at AIRLIFTENTERTAINMENT@yahoo.com


I Want To Do A Story On The Attractions; How Do I?
For media inquiries, please e-mail: AIRLIFTENTERTAINMENT@yahoo.com


And The #1 Most Asked Question… Is It Scary?
YES! Bring a change of underwear!


Any Other Questions?
Please e-mail any questions to AIRLIFTENTERTAINMENT@yahoo.com

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